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Meta Brophy is the Director of Procurement Operations at Consumer Reports, the world’s preeminent nonprofit testing and publishing organization.

Meta Brophy served as President of the Board of Directors of the Alliance for ten years, from 2008 through 2017. She decided to step aside from the executive position to allow someone else to serve. The Board elected Jim Asselmeyer President in December 2017, after he was Vice President for ten years. Meta has served on the Alliance Board since 2003, previously as Secretary and Vice President. Meta received her Bachelor of Arts from Barnard College.

Impressive Professional Credentials

Meta also serves on the Target Marketing Magazine Editorial Advisory Board, and is a member of Greater Hudson Valley Postal Customer Council. She is a past member and chair of the DMA Committee on Environment and Social Responsibility. Meta is a past member of the MPA Environment Committee and Operations Committee.

Meta boasts numerous awards including the 2012 IDEAlliance DEER Luminaire Award, the 2011 DMA International ECHO Green Marketing Award, and the 2009 ASAE Associations Advance America Award.

Meta has been involved with youth soccer for a dozen years and also enjoys reading, movies, and theater.

In Meta’s Words

“The Alliance provides Consumer Reports (CR) with access, direction, and intelligence, and reinforces CR’s voice, values, unique attributes, and relevance by weighing in on urgent postal issues at Postal headquarters, on the Hill, and with trade associations. Through the Alliance, CR communicates strategically with Congressional leaders to support plans that would reasonably and effectively improve the business and financial footing, and to state objections to proposals that may be punitive to nonprofit mailers. The Alliance affords CR the opportunity to align with other nonprofit colleagues to respond to proposed changes to postal policy, rates, and procedures. Advocating for standards of quality and an operationally and financially efficient Postal Service in turn supports CR’s brand, competitive and financial strength. Any influence we can bring to bear that strengthens this distribution channel contributes to the success of our print publications, which are an essential part of CR’s impact and revenue.”

Meeting with Postmaster General Megan Brennan in Washington.


Speaking to Postmaster General Megan Brennan at Quad/Graphics Conference in Milwaukee, WI.


With the Alliance Board at AARP headquarters in Washington following the election of Jim Asselmeyer as the new President.


With Executive Directors Stephen Kearney, Tony Conway, and Neal Denton, and Attorney David Levy at the reception celebrating Meta’s ten-year leadership of the Alliance in Washington.

Meta on the Hill with other Alliance members, September 25, 2019.