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About us.

We are a grassroots organization of nonprofits working to preserve affordable, reliable U.S. Mail so that our Nation’s nonprofits continue to fulfill vital missions.  Nonprofits are essential to our Nation, and affordable mail is essential to nonprofits.  We use mail to raise funds, serve donors, members and beneficiaries, advocate, deliver publications, and achieve our missions. The Alliance has been completely independent for over 40 years, with 100 percent nonprofit governance.  We are a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization, non-partisan, and unaffiliated with any other association.

We inform policy-makers, regulators, legislators, and the USPS about nonprofits’ use of the U.S. Mail.  Areas of focus:

  • the importance of mail to nonprofits;

  • how organizations qualify for and use nonprofit mail;

  • reasonable nonprofit postage rates;

  • non-discrimination relative to commercial mailers;

  • the necessary discipline of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) cap on postage increases; and

  • reliable mail delivery to help achieve our critical missions.

Formed by a group of nonprofits in 1980, the Alliance is led by nonprofits for the benefit of nonprofits.  We are unique in our laser focus on nonprofit postal rate-payers.

The Postal Service depends on nonprofit mail to:

  • bolster its volume;

  • generate First-Class Mail;

  • provide quality, diverse content to households; and

  • support the public policy rationale for a nationwide, universal mail service.


The Alliance of Nonprofit Mailers since 1980 has helped nonprofits achieve critical missions through effective, affordable use of mail.

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Alliance of Nonprofit Mailers
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Stephen Kearney
Executive Director
Alliance of Nonprofit Mailers
2021 L Street, NW
Suite 101-248
Washington, DC 20036
(202) 360-3776