The Alliance is as strong as its members. And over the past 30 plus years its members have been very strong and effective advocates for the cause of nonprofit mail that is cost-effective. From time-to-time the Alliance leadership will ask Alliance board members, regular members, and sponsors to take specific actions to support an initiative that is critical to the future of nonprofit mail. These can include sending a letter or email to members of Congress, to the Postmaster General and Board of Governors, or to the Postal Regulatory Commission. Alliance Board members also participate in face-to-face meetings with these officials and have on occasion testified before Congress. Whatever the action, Washington officials pay close attention to the voice of nonprofits that perform critically important missions throughout our nation. The Alliance of Nonprofit Mailers is known as one of the most effective advocates on the postal community primarily because of its members.

Representation Before the Postal Regulatory Commission: The Alliance is the primary representative of nonprofits mailers in postal rate litigation before the Postal Regulatory Commission. Our success in prior proceedings is well-documented.

Representation on Capitol Hill: The Alliance is a highly-respected advocate that works with Congress, USPS and other agencies to protect nonprofit postal rates.

Representation Before the USPS: As a member of the USPS Mailers’ Technical Advisory Committee and other task force groups, the Alliance assists in developing new regulations and methods. Members of the Alliance learn of these developments in advance.

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    Ten things you need to know about 2021 postage increases

    September 28, 2020 Ten things you need to know about 2021 postage increases   Next year will be a tale of two rate increases.  One will happen as expected on schedule.  The other is very likely to happen, but its amount and timing are very uncertain.  The potential range for rate increases on Market Dominant […] Read more

  • Oct 21

    Alliance Alert–Inspector General Report on USPS Operational Changes this Summer

      October 20, 2020 The USPS Office of Inspector General released its anticipated report in response to Congressional questions about the operational changes implemented since Postmaster General DeJoy started in mid-June.  It finds poor leadership, implementation, and communications, but not a deliberate attempt to slow down mail.  An over-eager combination of three major Postmaster General […] Read-More
  • Oct 9

    Alliance Alert–Postal Service Files Rate Increases for January 24, 2021

    October 9, 2020 The Postal Service filed its rate case to increase postage on Market Dominant Mail in Sunday, January 24, 2020.  Below is the announcement by USPS.   U.S. Postal Service Announces New Prices for 2021 No Increase in Forever Stamp The United States Postal Service filed notice with the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) […] Read-More
  • Sep 3

    Alliance Alert–PRC and House Demand USPS Service Data after it Provides Some

    September 3, 2020 Dear Alliance Members and Sponsors,   The Postal Regulatory Commission has demanded weekly service performance reports from USPS for June 1-September 4, by September 18, at the national, area, and district levels.  Normally they only get quarterly data about a month after each quarter, the next in November 2020.  The USPS objected […] Read-More
  • Aug 13

    Postmaster General Louis DeJoy Memo to USPS Employees

    August 13, 2020     ALL EMPLOYEES   SUBJECT:  U.S. Postal Service Plan for Operational Excellence and Financial Stability     Today, I am in my ninth week as Postmaster General. I am grateful to everyone who has welcomed me, and I am thoroughly impressed by the dedication and commitment you have shown since I […] Read-More
  • Aug 12

    Alliance Statement on the Postal Regulatory Commission 8/12/20

    Washington, D.C. – August 12, 2020 Statement on the Postal Regulatory Commission On the occasion of its 50th anniversary, we congratulate the Postal Regulatory Commission.  The agency is critically important to all nonprofit mailers, with its stated mission: “The Postal Regulatory Commission is an independent Federal agency that provides transparency and accountability of the U. […] Read-More
  • Jun 22

    Alliance Alert–USPS on Running Out of Cash: Never Mind! 6/22/20

    June 22, 2020 Dear Members & Sponsors of the Alliance of Nonprofit Mailers: Hello, everyone!  We hope you are doing well! USPS on Running Out of Cash: Never Mind! Today, the USPS Chief Financial Officer & Executive VP, Joe Corbett, Finance & Strategy Senior VP, Luke Grossman, General Counsel & Executive VP, Tom Marshall, and […] Read-More
  • Jun 1

    Alliance Alert–USPS & Coronavirus, 6/1/20

    June 1, 2020 Dear Members & Sponsors of the Alliance of Nonprofit Mailers: Hello, everyone!  We hope you are doing well! Volume Improving Here are the latest weekly volume change numbers from USPS.  As you can see, volumes are getting better in some important categories, notably Marketing Mail and Packages. USPS Weekly Volume Changes 2020 […] Read-More
  • May 18

    Alliance Alert — USPS & Coronavirus 5/18/20

    May 18, 2020 Dear Members & Sponsors of the Alliance of Nonprofit Mailers: Hello, everyone!  We hope you are doing well! As you know the Postal Service has been updating us with its weekly volume changes since the pandemic started having a major impact.  The latest week shows total mail volume down 29 percent, and […] Read-More
  • May 11

    Alliance Alert–USPS & Coronavirus, 5/11/20

    May 11, 2020 Dear Members & Sponsors of the Alliance of Nonprofit Mailers: Hello, everyone!  We hope you are doing well! Volume getting better Today, the Postal Service gave us the volume change numbers for last week versus the same week last year: Mail                                  -32.6% Packages                         +64% Single Piece First Class   -9% Presort First Class      […] Read-More
  • May 7

    Joint Letter to Congress

    May 7, 2020 The Honorable Ron Johnson                                                             The Honorable Gary Peters Chairman                                                                                             Ranking Member Homeland Security and                                                                      Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee                                                     Governmental Affairs Committee U.S. Senate                                                                                          U.S. Senate Washington, DC  20210                                                                    Washington, DC  20210   The Honorable Carolyn Maloney                                                     The Honorable Jim Jordan Chairwoman                                                                                        […] Read-More
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