2017 Nonprofit Email Deliverability Study

How much does spam hurt online fundraising?

A new nonprofit deliverability study shows that fundraising email deliverability is declining. More nonprofit email is going to spam folders and is never read.

As reported by Nonprofit Quarterly: “The big takeaway from this year’s study is that being classified as spam is becoming a big problem and hindering nonprofits’ email deliverability rates. If an email service provider (ESP) recognizes that the emails you send are frequently marked as spam, are immediately deleted without being opened or read, or are not engaged with or opened at all, they will likely begin routing your messages to spam or promotional folders, where they may go entirely unseen. ‘Diminished engagement and soaring spam rates are significantly weighing down nonprofit fundraising potential.’

This is another reason to try out USPS Informed Delivery™. All of the recipients of ID emails have by definition opted in, and early data show that most are interested in opening and reading the emails.