Your Action Is Needed Now

This is an important call to action for anyone who cares about keeping nonprofit fundraising mail affordable.

We all need to write brief letters to the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) by September 18. We need to write in opposition to a stealth attempt by the Postal Service (USPS) to add another price increase on Nonprofit Marketing Mail (formerly called Standard Mail).

The USPS proposes to change the relationship between commercial and nonprofit mail. This “technical adjustment” would add another 3.33 percent to rates for Regular Nonprofit and 6.94 percent for Enhanced Carrier Route Nonprofit! This is in spite of the fact that we have paid more than our part of rate increases for the past ten years!

As we have for over 36 years, the Alliance of Nonprofit mailers will be filing a strong opposition argument against this “out of left field” proposal by the USPS. But we need to augment the legal and technical arguments with some real-life stories from your world.

The PRC NEEDS to understand how important fundraising mail is to your nonprofit, and how you would be affected by this massive, above-inflation rate increase. Be specific, put the increase in real, tangible, human terms. What would you have to cut from your programs and mission? How many fewer meals could you provide? How much less housing assistance? Medical assistance? How much of your operations is funded by the monies you raise via direct mail, and what do you stand to lose? Remember – this change will affect ALL nonprofits that mail. This change has serious potential consequences.

To aid you in your letter writing, we have created a template. It can be downloaded HERE.

  • The PRC must receive your letter no later than September 18, so mail it by September 13 to make sure.
  • Address: Postal Regulatory Commission, 901 New York Avenue, NW, Suite 200, Washington, DC 20268, RE: Docket No. RM2017-12.

Thank you for continuing to help the cause of fair, equitable, and affordable nonprofit postage rates!