Alliance Alert–PRC and House Demand USPS Service Data after it Provides Some

September 3, 2020

Dear Alliance Members and Sponsors,


The Postal Regulatory Commission has demanded weekly service performance reports from USPS for June 1-September 4, by September 18, at the national, area, and district levels.  Normally they only get quarterly data about a month after each quarter, the next in November 2020.  The USPS objected but was overruled by the regulator.  The PRC was responding to a request by an individual, Steve Hutkins, a retired English professor who runs the website:


The order:


The information request:


Separately, the chair of the House oversight committee issued a subpoena to Postmaster General DeJoy for more detailed data on service performance.


On Monday, the Postal Service provided a letter and a slide deck with up-to-date service performance at the national level, and committed to weekly updates.