Alliance stands up against discrimination

Recently, the USPS proposed new regulations governing the images and text that would be acceptable on customized postage issued by authorized vendors like and Zazzle. The proposed rule would impose glaring discrimination against nonprofit mailers who would like to continue using their images on customized postage.

The Alliance of Nonprofit Mailers delivered a letter to the USPS in response to the Federal Register Notice that proposes to create only two categories for images and words allowable on customized postage: “commercial” and “social.”

This rule would essentially prohibit a third category: nonprofits. The Alliance suggested that the USPS add a third category that allows the multiple purposes that nonprofits use mail for. Including a nonprofit category would be best for USPS and their nonprofit customers and avoid violation of anti-discrimination law.

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Hopefully this was an inadvertent omission and USPS will correct it. They certainly value the mail generated by nonprofits, both for the revenue and the attractive and welcome content arriving in America’s mailboxes. Our one-tenth of all mail volume helps keep the Postage Service relevant in the digital age.