Informed Delivery® Wildly Popular

The most important innovation by the Postal Service to retain mail volume and remain relevant is growing organically at 3,000 new users per day. And when the USPS puts on a promotion, it can yield as many as 20,000 new customers in a single day. Over 2.25 million Informed Delivery® household customers are distributed across the USPS geographical areas:

The Postal Service soon will update this data regularly on its web page Informed Delivery® for Business Mailers.

Despite the reference to business mailers, Informed Delivery® has great possibilities for nonprofit mailers too. A number are preparing to participate with color images and click-through boxes appearing in the daily email that households receive with the hard copy mail arriving that day.

Every nonprofit mailer should start by signing up to receive the daily email images of their own household letters. Until you experience it yourself, it is difficult to envision the possibilities.

As the following graphic shows, coverage is nearly nationwide. And the Postal Service can give you the data on how many households within your mailing list are subscribers.