Mailers Express the Need to Work with the New Governors 

October 22, 2019 – Associations, including your Alliance of Nonprofit Mailers, representing the postage-paying mailers and the mail service industry this week sent the following open letter to the five new USPS Governors:

October 21, 2019 


c/o Robert M Duncan 

Chairman, United States Postal Service Board of Governors 

475 L’Enfant Plaza SW Rm 10300 

Washington DC 20260-1000 

Cc: USPS Governors 


Dear Postal Service Governors: 


Welcome.  The undersigned associations are delighted to have your leadership at the head of a most venerable institution that continues to drive a significant portion of American commerce and communication in the 21st Century.  As representatives of the industries that comprise the broader postal ecosystem, we greatly appreciate your service and commitment.  As such, we thought we might offer our perspective for your consideration as you chart the future direction of the Postal Service. Our members employ more than seven million Americans, account for $1.4 trillion in annual sales, generate hundreds of billions of dollars in charitable giving, and inform, educate, and entertain the mail-receiving public.  We generate more than 90% of the funding of universal postal services in the United States.  Like USPS itself, our industry helps to bind the nation together as part of an extended supply chain that delivers crucial communication services.  We collectively support virtually every sector of the US economy by facilitating the efficient distribution of information and goods to the 128 million American households it serves.   


We write to you because our members are deeply concerned that undue reliance on raising prices to stabilize the Service for the future would ultimately doom this important industry and undermine any comprehensive plan to address the Postal Service’s difficulties.  The challenge facing USPS, as you know, does not have only one dimension; costs, service, revenues, and the funding of the universal service obligation (USO) must all be addressed. Frankly, those advocating higher prices vastly underestimate the significant volume loss that unprecedented rate increases would produce. The catalog industry has never completely recovered from an outsized price increase in 2007 that initiated an accelerated volume decline that has now exceeded 40%.  Since then the threat from digital substitutes to mail has intensified and our members consistently report that postage rates matter now more than ever. It is hard to cost cut one’s way to profitability.  Ultimately, new revenues must be found.  While we recognize the need to enhance revenues from today’s products and customers, new postal products, services and solutions are also critical. 


The Postal Service faces a complex predicament requiring a comprehensive solution that reexamines some existing approaches; as we expect the Postal Service’s Ten-Year Plan will do when it is released. It is critically important that this strategic examination include input from all key stakeholders.   Historically, the Postal Service has thrived by collaborating with its supply chain partners and we are prepared to help.  We are confident that by working together we can find efficiencies. With a Board quorum in place for the first time in years there is a unique chance to broaden focus and consider a range of solutions that utilize public-private partnership. We propose that the Board convene a meeting with the mailing and shipping industry, our supply chain, and representatives of the citizen mailer to consider our shared future and prioritize the efforts that can create a sustainable path forward for the Postal Service and the industry.  We look forward to your response.  Please contact Michael Plunkett, President & CEO, Association for Postal Commerce, as indicated below if you wish to reply directly or to request further information.  


Respectfully submitted, 



Stephen M. Kearney  

Executive Director 

Alliance of Nonprofit Mailers 

1211 Connecticut Avenue, Suite 610 

Washington DC 20036 

(202) 462-5132 


Hamilton Davison 

President & Executive Director 

American Catalog Mailers Association 

PO Box 41211 

Providence, RI 02940-1211 



Mark Pitts 

Executive Director, Printing-Writing Papers, Pulp and Tissue 

American Forest & Paper Association 

1101 K Street, N.W., Suite 700 

Washington, DC 20005 

(202) 463-2764 


Steve Krejcik 


Association for Mail Electronic Enhancement 

1260 E 88th Street 

Newaygo, MI 49337 

(708) 485-4764 


Michael K Plunkett 

President & CEO 

Association for Postal Commerce  

1800 Diagonal Rd Suite 600 

Alexandria, VA 22314 


Christopher Oswald 

SVP, Government Relations 

ANA – Association of National Advertisers 



Jody Berenblatt 

Executive Director 

Continuity Shippers Association 


Maynard H. Benjamin  

President and CEO 

Envelope Manufacturers Association (EMA)  

700 S. Washington Street, Suite 260 

Alexandria, VA 22314-1565 



Rafe Morrissey 

Vice President, Public Affairs 

Greeting Card Association 



Todd Haycock, President 

Major Mailers Association  

11448 Chateaubriand Ave 

Orlando, FL 32836 



Rita D Cohen 

Senior Vice President, Legislative and Regulatory Policy  

MPA—The Association of Magazine Media  

1211 Connecticut Avenue NW, Suite 610 

Washington DC 20036 

(202) 296-7277  


Robert Galaher 

Executive Director and CEO 

National Association of Presort Mailers 

P.O. Box 3552 

Annapolis, MD 21403-3552 



Tonda F. Rush 

NNA Counsel  

National Newspaper Association  

200 Little Falls St, Suite 405  

Falls Church, VA 22046 703-237-9801 


Arthur B. Sackler  

Executive Director 

National Postal Policy Council  

1150 Connecticut Avenue, N.W. Suite 900  

Washington, DC 20036 

(202) 955-0097 



Pierce Myers 

Executive Vice President & Counsel 

Parcel Shippers Association 

320 South West Street STE 110 

Alexandria, VA 22314 


Michael Makin  

President & CEO 

Printing Industries of America  

1325 G Street NW, Suite 500 

Washington, DC 20005