Mailers’ Groups Blast NALC Deal

June 2, 2017 –

Three mailers’ organizations blasted a labor deal with the National Association of Letter Carriers today as proof that the “spendthrift monopolist” U.S. Postal Service “cannot be counted on to control its costs or prices.”

“Rather than bringing compensation more in line with the private sector – as required by postal law – the tentative agreement with NALC worsens the problem,” said a joint statement from Postcom—The Association for Postal Commerce, MPA—The Association of Magazine Media, and the Alliance of Nonprofit Mailers.

In defending the current inflation-based price cap on most postal rates, the statement said, the coalition has presented expert testimony showing “that postal workers are paid nearly twice what the private sector pays for similar work.”

“The NALC contract confirms that the Postal Service cannot be trusted to make the tough decisions needed to control its own costs.”