Nonprofits are an anchor in the mailbox

April 6, 2017

mailbox full of mail

A note from a friend

“I have been reading every letter submitted to the PRC by the many members of your Association commenting on the 10-year review. Each letter delivers a powerful message about the importance of our charitable organizations and the importance of stable and predictable postage rates for their mission to help raise funds and inform Americans about their very important work. Sometimes I feel nothing is more important to the USPS than a Periodical, like ESPN The Magazine, but after reading those letters I realize the non-profit mailers make a very strong case to join us Periodicals as ‘Anchors in the mailbox’.” –Dennis Farley, ESPN

We are honored to be recognized as an anchor in the mailbox by the godfather of Periodicals. Indeed, we believe that the key to the future relevance and continued prosperity of the Postal Service is diverse, interesting, desired and useful content filling America’s mailboxes. And nonprofit mail along with Periodicals are key components that must grow in the mailbox for the USPS to live longer and prosper as a Federal Government Agency.

The letters we highlight in this issue explain why postage increases above the general rate of inflation will devastate nonprofits’ critical missions.