PMG: New Combinations of Physical and Digital are a “growth opportunity for our industry.”

May 8, 2019

The opening National Postal Forum keynote by Postmaster General Megan Brennan emphasized combining digital with physical to increase the value of mail and improve results.  It has become clear that digital applications will not completely replace hard copy and that the two can be successfully integrated.  Brennan described “the many new ways the Postal Service and the Mailing and Shipping Industry are bridging physical and digital marketing channels to meet consumer and business needs.”

The private sector has been integrating multichannel marketing for some time.  Now USPS is stepping up to the plate with its own contributions to the effort.  The most advanced option is Informed Delivery being used by over 16 million consumers, with a USPS plan to grow to 40 million by the end of next year.  Likewise, over 2,000 early adopter mailers, including nonprofits, are trying Informed Delivery as senders.  Consumers receive a daily image of the mail to be delivered, and mailers can enhance their image with color, design, and a click-through box addition.

Brennan described Informed Delivery as one of a “platform of products and applications to power growth and business opportunities.”  So, we can look for even more chances to enhance the value of mail in concert with the USPS.

The PMG further described USPS developments: “Whether it is information that improves efficiency in payments, returns, processing, or that improves visibility into letters, packages, and transportation, the Postal Service Informed Platform offers a data-driven, customer-centric approach for our industry,” said Brennan. “We leverage our information infrastructure to empower our business customers with the right data, at the right time so they can reach the right consumers, and so that those consumers can make the most informed purchasing decisions.”

We would add to the USPS emphasis on business sales growth, nonprofit mailers are using Informed Delivery to enhance the effectiveness of mail in raising funds.  The Alliance of Nonprofit Mailers, in cooperation with the Association of Direct Response Fundraising Counsel and Production Solutions, recently put on a webinar for nonprofits interested in trying Informed Delivery.  You can watch the webinar by clicking here.

Helping to drive the movement is the BRIDGE TO INTEGRATED MARKETING & FUNDRAISING CONFERENCE which has been held for a number of years in the Washington area.  The Alliance will again have a booth, and we will be giving a session called “Postal Developments Affecting Nonprofits.”  Please join us July 10-12 at the 2019 Bridge Conference!