Task Force Outlook

August 29, 2018

Many have been disappointed by the fact that the Administration has not released to the public the President’s Task Force on the United States Postal System.  There have been many conflicting reports about its status.  And many became very distracted by a separate report released well before the Task Force deadline of August 10.

The disappointment stems from the fact that many expect the Task Force report to be a major catalyst to drive much-needed reform to our postal system.  The hope has been that it would be done in a professional manner and be very comprehensive.

We have a new theory.  We understand that President Trump has been briefed on the report and has signed off on it.  We further believe that he instructed the authors to add more specific and detailed implementation plans for both legislative and administrative reforms.  Finally, we believe that the President instructed that the report not be released to the public until after the mid-term Congressional elections on November 6, 2018.

The President’s Task Force report could yet become the blueprint for the new Governors of the Postal Service, the Administration, the PRC, and Congress.  But apparently not until after the elections.