Three new USPS Governors

April 29. 2021

Three new USPS Governors


The Senate committee that oversees the Postal Service held a hearing and later voted to recommend that the full Senate confirm them.  The new Governors likely will join the next Board of Governors meeting on Friday, May 7 at 9 am ET.  You can listen to the meeting live here, or listen to a recording starting three hours after the meeting ends.


Here are the current, with their term limits, and future USPS Governors:



Ron A. Bloom, Chair (D) – Dec 8, 2020 – in holdover year

Roman Martinez IV, Vice Chair (R) – Dec 8, 2024

John M. Barger (R) – Dec 8, 2021

Robert M. Duncan (R) – Dec 8, 2025

Donald L. Moak (D) – Dec 8, 2022

William D. Zollars (R) – Dec 8, 2022


Nominees – Approved by committee 4/28/21

Anton Hajjar (D) – former general counsel, American Postal Workers Union

Amber McReynolds (I) – CEO, National Vote at Home Institute, a nonprofit

Ron Stroman (D) – former Deputy Postmaster General


The fully staffed Governors, with four Republicans, four Democrats, and one independent, are unlikely to make significant changes to the USPS course in the near term.  The current Governors fully stand behind Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, and the nominees expressed general support for his ten-year plan at the hearing.  The only misgivings they hinted at were related to the reductions in service for First Class and Periodicals Mail, as it relates to the universal service mission of the agency.


The new Governors do bring with them much greater experience with postal affairs than the current members.