Two Confirmed Governors Bring Total to Six

June 25, 2020


The Senate confirmed two more of President Trump’s nominees as USPS Governors.  There are now six Governors.  With PMG Louis DeJoy, the Board of Governors has a quorum plus one of seven.  When he and the Governors appoint a Deputy PMG, the BoG will have eight members.  And President Trump has the opportunity to appoint three more Governors.


The new Governors are William Zollars of Kansas and Donald Lee Moak of Florida.  They join Governors Robert M. Duncan, John M. Barger, Ron A. Bloom, and Roman Martinez IV.


William Zollars


Lee Moak


President Trump has more influence over the USPS than any President in recent memory.  He benefitted from the lack of USPS Governors when he entered office.  Customarily, one Governor would have been replaced per year as their terms ended.   All of President Obama’s nominees were blocked by one Senator, rumored to be Sen. Bernie Sanders at the behest of the postal unions.  So, President Trump entered office with a clean slate of postal Governors.


PMG DeJoy has not signaled any major moves yet, as he likely is getting the lay of the land inside L’Enfant Plaza and thought the massive USPS infrastructure.  No one will be too surprised if he and the new Governors begin with bold actions in the coming weeks.