Whitewash: “well-established method”

October 24, 2018

Dear United States Postal Service:

Please do not insult our intelligence.  While we appreciate being included in the upcoming MTAC process, please don’t claim that the Federal Register Notice was a “well-established method” that would contribute to “[g]rowth in USPS Marketing Mail…”


Alliance of Nonprofit Mailers


Seeking broad input from the mailing industry, on August 23, 2018, the United States Postal Service used the well-established method of an Advance Notice of Rule Making in the Federal Register to solicit input regarding the content eligibility standards for USPS Marketing Mail®.

The MTAC Executive Committee is sharing the process we are now implementing with the completion of the AFRN comment period:

  • A MTAC Task Team, comprised of a select group of MTAC Executive Committee approved MTAC Representatives will be created to review the Postal Service categorization of the comments (over 4,000 at this time) and review the initial responses based on design and content described in the comments. 


  • After the completion of the Task Team efforts, a MTAC approved Workgroup will be created seeking wider industry participation to focus and review specific categories of Marketing Mail design characteristics highlighted in the comments.

The USPS and MTAC members recognize the importance of Marketing Mail, including its proven value in multichannel marketing. Response rates for direct mail, which eclipse all forms of digital only marketing, continue to increase and thus the overarching intent of the advance notice and the formation of these MTAC committees is, and will continue to be: Growth in USPS Marketing Mail volume through constructive dialog with the mailing industry.




Wanda Senne                                                                                                 Steve Monteith

MTAC Industry Chair                                                                                  MTAC USPS Chair